Alchemy of Health - the Book


is given to us as a system for control and prevention of over 100 diseases, for complete body and mind rejuvenation and development of the prescious skills of the Seven Powers of Life. With best wishes for good health, nice time and exciting moments with the BOOK.

Mission and dedication of this book

Health is the natural state of harmony between the human mind, will and heart. "Good is a condition for health. Without good, one cannot be healthy. ”, Peter Deunov. "ALCHEMY OF HEALTH" is dedicated to active persons striving for well-being and success. For creative people looking to discover their hidden talents. For doctors and their patients seeking the path to healing. For people striving to achieve a healthy balance.


   AlchemY of Аpogee [ Part III: Pandora's Box ]


Before we find out where our "Pandora's box" is hidden and what treasures we tend to lock in it, let's recall the legend of Pandora herself:


Part III: Chapter 1: The Horn of Plenty


  AlchemY of Аpogee [ Part III: Pandora's Box ]

 The pursuit of Pleasure pushes us in search of the "Horn of Plenty." Once we have easily acquired what we want, we instantly lose interest in it and begin to look for the next goal of selfish whims. The thought of arousing admiration in others begins to influence and excite us more than doping and more than desire for any other gain. This is the power that "keeps in the Apogee" the stars in cinema, sports, fashion, politics and other cultural and economic trends in today's world. 

Part III: chapter 2: The Jade Stone


   AlchemY of Аpogee [ Part III: Pandora's Box ]

 Trapped in a vicious circle of delusions, one day the Ego sees that everything is vanity and makes a firm decision to laugh at it. To show others that it can handle temptations and challenges better than them. (p. 86) Thus the Ego sets out in search of the "Jade Stone" - the key to the Wisdom that will bring him the brilliant victory over vanity

Part III: chapter 3: The Water Lilies


   AlchemY of Аpogee [ Part III: Pandora's Box ]

 The pursuit of beauty, harmony, perfection, but also the possession of spiritual or material values, often suggests that our success depends on the strength of our innermost desires. It is enough to wish with all our heart and to benefit from the abundance that surrounds us. 

Part III: chapter 4: The All-seeing Eye


   AlchemY of Аpogee [ Part III: Pandora's Box ]

While in the "eye of being" it boils and boils, in the eye of the storm peace and silence govern.  

Part III: Chapter 5: The Pearls ... or when at the bottom only the Hope remains...


  AlchemY of Аpogee [ Part III: Pandora's Box ]

Living in affluence, security and satisfaction takes away our abilities and opportunities to develop and realize ourselves and our Soul’s desires. And that would really infuriate the thunderer Zeus(p.114,146) - The All-Creating Spirit. Thus, sometimes life takes away everything we have fought for for years to remind us that it is time to start fighting for what we really need:

Part III: Sixth additional chapter: The Forbidden Fruit



 For thousands of years, the human world has lived with the belief that it is isolated from Paradise thanks to the fall of Adam and Eve. It is not known when these two sinned - 4,000, 8,000 or 50,000 years ago, according to some researchers, we cannot say for sure. But have we ever wondered, "Isn't the mistake the right one?"

The Book of Alchemy of Health

  The Art of Living in Apogee   T he art of being yourself   The Book, that you are about to leaf through, came in reply to my seven y...