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is given to us as a system for control and prevention of over 100 diseases, for complete body and mind rejuvenation and development of the prescious skills of the Seven Powers of Life. With best wishes for good health, nice time and exciting moments with the BOOK.

Mission and dedication of this book

Health is the natural state of harmony between the human mind, will and heart. "Good is a condition for health. Without good, one cannot be healthy. ”, Peter Deunov. "ALCHEMY OF HEALTH" is dedicated to active persons striving for well-being and success. For creative people looking to discover their hidden talents. For doctors and their patients seeking the path to healing. For people striving to achieve a healthy balance.


   AlchemY of Аpogee [ Part III: Pandora's Box ]


Before we find out where our "Pandora's box" is hidden and what treasures we tend to lock in it, let's recall the legend of Pandora herself:


After Prometheus brought the Divine Fire and Knowledge to the people, they lived in peace and harmony. All kinds of diseases, misfortunes, intrigues and wars remained foreign and far away. The ruler Zeus did not like this at all and he decided to end this idyll. (p. 114) He ordered to the “other gods” to create Pandora – equal in power to humans, but “possesser of all gifts”: beautiful and lovely, with the gaze of an immortal goddess, with a scharp and clever mind, smart and friendly, perfect and seductive. Pandora was meant to bring misery to the people, to rob them of the faith and knowledge with which they had built their wonderful lives. Zeus commanded the messenger Hermes to bring Pandora to Prometheus' brother Epimetheus (symbolizing the human Subconscious p. 36,143). Epimetheus disregarded the wise advice of his brother to not accept the "gifts of the gods" that would destroy the harmony of the New World. Pandora so fascinated Epimetheus with her beauty that he took her to be his wife. One day, beautiful Pandora's curiosity (p. 37) tempted her to open the box in which Prometheus had locked all the evils of the world. From there all diseases, misfortunes, sufferings were released. Evil has taken over the earth and the sea – the conscious and the subconscious. (p. 15,36) The people sank again into gloomy thoughts and deeds. At the bottom of the box, by the will of Zeus, only the Hope remained. From then until now, people have been waiting and hoping…

 AlchemY of Health       [ Part III: Pandora's Box         146


Pandora and the King of the Gods

For millennia, the legend of Pandora has remained a mystery, spreading the horror of the belief that the suffering and diseases of the Earth are beyond the power and control of people. But who rules our own Life? (p.19, 30,35,38,86)

As we have already mentioned, our Self enters Life with a certain potential of physical, mental and intellectual abilities that we are about to develop, (p.13-17) by studying and applying the energies of the Seven Life Forces, in a way determined by our own free choice. (стр.12) Sometimes or more often, our choices are limited by external circumstances, but we always have the choice to synchronize or overcome these limitations. Our own choice is guided entirely by our Mind - the "King of the Gods", or the ruler of our possibilities and our hidden but unlimited potential. (p. 157, 191) In order to unlock this potential, we must first know our Self and our Ego. (p.15,37,38,42) Often, by the appearance of people, we judge their material standard, ie. about the potential and scale of their Mind. But by the nature of man, we can judge whether the Ego or the Self controls the Mind. However, the unlimited possibilities and the hidden potential of our own life are invested in our Soul. (p.17,37-38,106,123)

The Soul is the one who brings the knowledge of everything we need: warmth, light, food, love, wisdom, abilities, talents, beauty, harmony, understanding, etc. She is the one who can show us how to work with the Seven Life Forces. She is our "Snow White, who is taken care of by the Seven Dwarfs." Unfortunately, we cannot see, feel, hear or touch our Soul, so we often ignore it or take it for granted that we cannot even find! When we get the feeling that "our heart is broken," only then we do begin to feel our Soul as the inner power that supports us.

It is difficult for our Mind to perceive and understand our inner voice, (p.36,116,133,155,195) that drives us to follow our own aspirations. Therefore, our mind tries to describe, imagine and follow real pictures of the Soul. The Mind begins to "paint" unattainable ideals, and like Zeus, the Mind creats the image of Pandora - "gifted with all gifts." (p. 42,123,189,196)

 The Mind subconsciousely gets that there, in the Soul, are hidden all the goods, all the beauty, all the knowledge, all the mind, all the wisdom, all the treasures and jewels. (p.157) Temptated by the dream of the unattainable the arrogant Mind unions with the aggressive Ego and begins to arm itself with all the necessary armor, means and weapons to acquire Pandora's treasures. Under the power of the self-centered Ego, the Mind quite consciously begins to desire irresistibly to possess these beauties,, in orther to have something to be distinguished with and something to surpass other "Gods" with,  i.e. the other people. That his Ego may be welcomed in splendor and sent away with honors. (p. 15,17,99,144)

 The inner aspirations for beauty, love and harmony are gradually pushed out by the thirst for power, supremacy and possession. The selfish habit of the Ego, to always get the reward for its efforts, readily bets the soul's aspirations in exchange for its own egoistic gains, thus locking the unfortunate Soul with the shackles of unfulfilled dreams at the bottom of the already forged as the "Pandora's Box" Subconscious. (p.7,36, 38,114,143,184,190,192)

 AlchemY of Health       [ Part III: Pandora's Box         147

When it becomes strong and powerful enough to completely subdue the Mind to its ambitions, the Ego locks its dreamed Pandora in the "box of its subconscious," eagerly waiting to receive its treasures:


The "Horn of Plenty", which will bring him Wealth and Majesty,

The "Jade Stone", which will bring him Wisdom and Glory,

"Water lilies", to seduce and win the Love with,

The "All-Seeing Eye", endowing him with the Power of All Knowledge.


Gradually, the patience of our Ego is exhausted and it starts making us subject to its moods. The pure and sublime aspirations of the Soul begin to "sour and rot", suppressed at the bottom of the subconscious, and with them change the colors of the water streaming from the "Springs of Life". (p.2,32,95,102)  The coveted treasures begin to acquire completely different meanings for the Ego and quickly become boring, meaningless and еэех threatening. (p.99,102,106,111,123,133,137,144)

There are people for whom it seems to us that "Luck has landed, and even enjoys on their shoulder" (p. 16, 39, 189) they do everything with joy and carefree, but also easily achieve what they want. We do not notice their efforts, we do not see them worried and crushed by problems and fatigue, and yet they always manage to get what others work for and fight for for years. How is it possible for them to succeed while just having carefree fun? If we look closely at these people, however, we will find that they do not, in fact, strive to be happy, content, rich, beautiful, and they are just that. This is their life motivation: to be good, generous, joyful, free from worries, fears and delusions, happy with life. (p. 197) We often do not notice that as we strive to satisfy our desires, aspirations and whims, we lock our true gifts, abilities, talents and skills, and instead them we release negative emotions, fear, envy, impatience, ambition. (p. 159, 160) Because we have simply become attached to the end result, we have become subject to the temptation to receive the expected reward at any cost, and we fail to experience the pleasure of walking the path to the goal. And the goal is always far away, to aim at the ideal of our pursuit. (p. 17,31,192) In order to be achieved and realized, every aspiration requires our patience, diligence, conscious understanding, learning, improvement and application of our skills, talents and work on the way to the goal. (p.157,170,191)

It is difficult to realize that if we do not disavow the reward in time, we will lose our connection with the aspiration it self - we will lose our Soul. (p.123,133)

The paths of Illusion that the Ego travels in search of the "four Treasures" are the four Worldly Directions, turning dreams into destructive aspirations: (p.15,21,29)

• The Path of the South - Abundance, Achievements, Pleasure; (p.149)

• The Path of the North - Knowledge, Glory, Possession; (p.150)

• The Path of the East - Beauty, Love, Enlightenment; (p.151)

• The Path of the West - Power, Comtrol, Supremacy. (p.152)

The four motives of the Ego also reveal the principle of the "four temperaments", laid down in the healing approach of Hippocrates, on which depends the synthesis and composition of the four bodily fluids that determine health and disease: phlegmatic (lazy - mucus), melancholic (intentional - black bile) ), sanguistic (active - blood), choleric (aggressive - yellow bile). (p.112)

 AlchemY of Health       [ Part III: Pandora's Box         148


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