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is given to us as a system for control and prevention of over 100 diseases, for complete body and mind rejuvenation and development of the prescious skills of the Seven Powers of Life. With best wishes for good health, nice time and exciting moments with the BOOK.

Mission and dedication of this book

Health is the natural state of harmony between the human mind, will and heart. "Good is a condition for health. Without good, one cannot be healthy. ”, Peter Deunov. "ALCHEMY OF HEALTH" is dedicated to active persons striving for well-being and success. For creative people looking to discover their hidden talents. For doctors and their patients seeking the path to healing. For people striving to achieve a healthy balance.

Part II Chapter 7: The stomach - our "Spiritual Center"

 pages 125-133



In those hungry years in Bulgaria (late 80's), when store shelves were empty and it was difficult to buy even a bread, I was in puberty and I was constantly hungry. Later it became clear that one person was hungrier than a whole nation!, so much so that he locked the state wheat and sold it profitably abroad! Then I vowed that one day I would invent a pill to chase hunger for a moment! In recent years, I have thought and worked on many pills, each with its own instantaneous action, but none of them quenched hunger ... So, I had decided that my idea was a chimera. At least, because every single thing we can get used to can unlock in us the greatest hunger that comes when we are deprived of this thing ... Fortunately for me, however, I found that in this very Chapter 7 of the ALCHEMY OF HEALTH, hides the "pill" that can quench the source of devastating hunger. It turns out that Someone has already invented it by putting the solutions to the problem in ourselves!

Today, 2022, is the time for the human ego to outgrow the post-totalitarian hungry "locust psychology" that has infected even minds claiming supremacy in the standard and intellect of the world's nation. If we define hunger, we will find that it is a strong desire to consume something that makes us full, strong and satisfied. (p. 126) In order to do some work, one must be hungry. The satiated one is  satisfied, even lazy, but we can recognize the person by his hunger. (p.159)

In those "hungry times", 33 years ago, I loved listening to music at every opportunity, even when I was studying and sleeping. Although my daily life was busy with school, lessons, work and sports, I was overwhelmed with energy and had a hard time falling asleep at night. My brain was constantly working, so I listened to the radio late into the night and tried not to think about anything, staring at the ceiling of the room while I fell asleep to the sounds of music and the voice of the presenter. So one night, as I stared at the ceiling of the room, I felt myself rising toward it like a balloon. The feeling was amazing and I felt a tickle in my stomach, just like my favorite taking-off with airplane. But ... at that moment, from above, I saw that my body was in bed. I looked at my sister - she was sleeping sweetly in hers. I got scared, and that fear cased colic in my stomach. Then I looked at my stomach and saw that I was just a highly phosphorescent blue energy. It is amazing to know that our Stomach is with us in our intangible form!


Our Stomach maintains our living environment by processing and absorbing the nutrients we need. But it is also a condition for our lives, which makes us not only eat to live, but also choose our food and thoughts. Our stomach is the personal measure for the realization of life and the goods that are given to us for use and assimilation. The stomach is responsible for our healthy balance. To maintain our mental, physical and psychical well-being, the stomach is always "sour". The high acidity of gastric juice (pH 1-3) helps to eliminate uninvited viruses, bacteria and parasites that come with food. Stomach acid also provides a favorable environment for digestion and activates the alkalizing secretion after eating, necessary for the anti-acid protection of neighboring tissues and organs and for normal blood pH. At the slightest dysfunction of this system, involving specific stomach cells and hormonal signals that also activate the secretion of the Bile and Pancreas, we experience discomfort, pain, heaviness and fatigue immediately after or between meals. (pp. 71,109,122,127,128)

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AlchemY of Аpogee [Part II: The Lords of Life ] Chapter 7: The Stomach - our Spiritual Center


Also, each of our feelings, each sensation and each emotion first enters our Stomach, which "tastes them and, according to their taste, informs" through the nervous system the responsible organ in our body. For example, when we are happy or in love, our stomach "tickles". When we are very excited the impulse passes into the solar plexus, from there to the heart, chest or head, depending on the feeling or emotion. When we make a mistake, our stomach shrinks, and due to the intense outflow of acids and bile, it sends pain or malaise in various parts of our body - most often palpitations or headaches There is no organ responsible for the joy - the Stomach sends it to every cell to nourish it! (p.21,32,42,66,86,112)

The stomach is the main Yang engine, but also a generator of Yin energy in our body. The stomach is the main engine of yang, but also a generator of yin energy in our body. Therefore, the Stomach feels a constant need to ensure a balanced interaction and flow of the two energy flows of Yin and Yang, carefully monitoring the reactions caused by every feeling, thought and emotion, by every single element we have swallowed. This balance of energies, which makes us feel alive and happy, we, without conscious realization its Source, call Happiness. However, if we analyze the biochemistry of the blood in a state of happiness, we will find that we have elevated levels of serotonin - the "satiety hormone" that stomach and intestinal cells secrete to tell us it's time to stop eating. When serotonin is in a particularly high concentration, then we fall asleep, because this hormone is a precursor of melatonin. In some cases, however, we feel nauseous and vomit due to the nephro- and cardiotoxicity of some of metabolites of tryptophan, which is actually a precursor of serotonin. Shocking and paradoxical, but this is the physiological reactions of a moment of supreme happiness!  (p.12,18,21,25,27,33,35,, 62,68,70,111,115,130,158)


Life itself is a constant struggle for balance. (p. 19,20,21,48,70,93,95,121) Our task is to learn to balance. That is, to maintain the rhythm of our potential and active energy. To do this, our thoughts, feelings and actions must be in sync. If we do not know well the signaling system of our stomach, it is difficult to determine when we break this rhythm. And yet, the biggest mistake we can make is, instead of abstaining, to irresponsibly nurture an over-excited appetite for food, gain, or some kind of pleasure. Thus appetite neglects satisfaction and satiety, and calls for hunger and dissatisfaction. In such cases, without asking the Stomach, we say to ourselves: "It is delicious! I'm hungry, I have to eat!" And continue to eat and use, regardless of the consequences. (p.29,44,159,160)


Hunger comes to remind us that we must be alive, happy and healthy. If we return to the definition of hunger, we will find that it excludes the consumption of joy, health and life, which actually make us full, strong and satisfied. When we try to "eat them", we lose them. Life, health and joy are obtained only through a full and balanced exchange. Hunger occurs when we do not rejoice and do not participate equally in this exchange. (p.13,18,29,42,44,60,70,114,121,125,158,159,160)

When the energy balance in the stomach is disturbed, the Essential Life Energy is depleted. And when the kidney energy is deficient, the stomach suffers. (p.99)

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AlchemY of Аpogee [Part II: The Lords of Life ] Chapter 7: The Stomach - our Spiritual Center



What is the reason for the over-acidification of the body and our sour mood?

Acids released during metabolic processes in our body are highly reactive and toxic to our cells and must be promptly balanced  via the kidney-lung-stomach buffer system or eliminated from the liver-bile detoxification system. (p.22,45,52,59,61,73,75,127)  Acidification of body fluids can occur with emotional stress, toxemia, immune reactions and as a result of any process that depletes oxygen, minerals, and antioxidants and creates toxins. (p. 27,33,47,49,51,54,60,68,70,85,162)

Excessive consumption of acid-forming foods, irregular lifestyle, exhaustion, frequent changes in diet, starvation, overeating, immobilization, sleeplessness, regular intake of antacids, antidepressants and psychotropic drugs, painkillers and other medications, produce systemically reduced pH values ​​in individual organ systems and tissues, while our stomach tries to keep the pH value of the body fluids in the normal range with the help of the liver, bile and pancreas. This is how we exhaust our life energy. (p.55,57-58,64-65,71,73,76,106,112,122,128)


What are the main acids that "are trying" to change the pH balance of body fluids?


Metabolism at the cellular level itself is the oxidation and reduction of substances, their absorption in the form of energy and the disposal of metabolic wastes. During the normal cellular exchange of oxygen and energy, acids are part or waste product of these processes: (p.22,43,61,71,73)

• Carbonic acid, which is formed by the interaction of carbon dioxide generated in the tissues and water, due to the metabolism of carbohydrates. Carbonic acid is weak and in most cases has a neutralizing effect on stronger acids in the body. (p.72-74)

• Sulfuric acid, which is formed during the oxidation of proteins, digestion and metabolism of meat, eggs, dairy products and other animal proteins, where the main precursor in this process is the amino acid cysteine. (p.43,51,77,169)

• Phosphoric acid, formed during the oxidation of phosphoproteins (milk casein, cheese and yellow cheese), as well as phospholipids of meat foods. (p.51,77)

• Lactic acid, which is formed during anaerobic glycolysis - in the muscles during intense exercise, but also in the course of metabolism and fermentation of carbohydrates in the intestine. Lactic acid is synthesized in excess also with elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, caused by insomnia or night shifts, regular intake of alkalizing agents, excessive consumption of sweets and pastries. Lactic acid is mainly deposited in the lymph and slows down its circulation, causing lymphatic stagnation. (p.33-35,45,47,55,61,78,90,162)

• Uric acid, which is formed during the absorption of purines from meat and legumes, but also during the breakdown of proteins during intense exercise and diets for weight loss. Uric acid, in most cases, neutralizes highly reactive acids and plays a balancing role in the alkaline-acid biochemical balance in the blood. Purines are the main alkaline protein molecules that balance nucleic acids (ribose, deoxyribose) and phosphoric acid residues in the structure of DNA and RNA. Therefore, drug suppression of uric acid synthesis should be avoided at the expense of regulating diet and regimen. (p.22,54,64,74,169,186)

• Bile acids produced in the liver and bile, which are alkaline but change their acidity during the entero-hepatic cycle. The natural bicarbonate secretion in the gallbladder regulates the pH of the bile and neutralizes the toxicity of bile metabolites, which are formed by the resynthesis of bile acids in the colon after a meal. Impaired bicarbonate protection increases bile toxicity and can occur as a result of impaired diet, dietary errors, sedentary lifestyle, excessive emotionality and irritability, in cholestasis - blocked bile ducts. (p.33,47,51,54,57-59,60,66,73,78,109,111,129,132,143)


The body will try to neutralize these acids by applying buffer systems and agents, and by accumulating alkalizing minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine and potassium) in the gastrointestinal tract. The natural bicarbonate secretion of liver, bile, pancreatic and gastric cells plays a major role in this regard. Therefore, it is important that this function is not replaced by antacids, which subsequently suppress it, but to be regulated and stimulated through proper diet and balanced nutrition. If the diet does not contain enough of these minerals, and the lifestyle exhausts the natural defenses, acids will accumulate in the tissues, which will deplete oxygen. In such cases, to compensate, the vital minerals available are extracted from the bones and teeth. (p. 42,51,55,71,73,79,96,98,102,110,111,122,125,129,162,166,169)

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AlchemY of Аpogee [Part II: The Lords of Life ] Chapter 7: The Stomach - our Spiritual Center






Alkalosis occurs when the concentration of hydrogen ions in the arterial blood plasma decreases and the pH is higher than normal 7.45. In such cases, the blood is alkaline. (p.71)

Acidosis occurs when the concentration of hydrogen ions in the arterial blood plasma increases and the pH is lower than the normal 7.35. In such cases, the blood is acidic. (p.72,121)

Metabolic alkalosis

Metabolic acidosis

Alkalosis conditions are observed with increased oxygen content, (р. 121) decreased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood and retention of bicarbonate (HCO3−).

Metabolic alkalosis can be caused by hyperventilation - increased oxygen intake, but also by frequent vomiting, with the discharge of hydrochloric acid (HCl) along with gastric juices. (р.51,74,132)


Excessive intake of alkalizing agents (antacids, baking soda, including antihistamines and inhibitors of gastric secretion of hydrogen ions, taken for peptic ulcers and to neutralize acidity in the stomach), also leads to increased alkalinity in the blood.


Metabolic alkalosis is often accompanied by low potassium in the blood, characterized by muscle weakness, pain, cramps and spasms. (стр.42,51)

Under conditions of alkalosis, the cells absorb potassium from the blood, and with an extreme increase in the concentration of bicarbonates, potassium is excreted in the urine along with the bicarbonates. Amino-glycoside antibiotics prescribed for acute urinary tract and respiratory infections, sepsis, abdominal, streptococcal infections, can also cause metabolic alkalosis with low blood potassium levels.


Decreased calcium in the blood is also a specific sign of metabolic alkalosis. Increased alkalinity ionizes transport proteins, such as albumin, and they quickly bind to circulating calcium in the blood, which can affect normal kidney and heart  function. (p.35,42,45,51,60,73,77,79,84,95,115)


Dehydration of the body also leads to metabolic alkalosis. Increased water loss through urine, vomiting or profuse sweating reduces fluid and increases blood alkalinity.

Renal acidosis is associated with an increase in urea and creatinine in the blood due to difficulty in the kidneys to neutralize acids from protein catabolism. (p.44,53,5473,95,127)


Lactic acidosis can occur due to various reasons: lack of enough oxygen in the blood (hypoxia), rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, starvation, intense exercise, immobility, shock, fear, excessive intake of simple sugars: dextrose, fructose, lactose , refined sugar, frequent consumption of milk, fresh cheese, kombucha, which contain high levels of lactic acid. Lactic acid is also formed during the anaerobic fermentation of carbohydrates in the large intestine, where it is needed by the intestinal flora (lactobacilli). (p.78,127) 


In normal glucose metabolism, cells produce water and carbon dioxide with the help of oxygen to obtain the energy currency needed for cellular metabolism (ATP - adenosine triphosphate). (p. 45)


Lactic acidosis occurs in conditions poor in oxygen, when cells do not have available energy - ATP and to obtain it cause a process of glycolysis (burning of carbohydrates).


Glycolysis generates large amounts of lactate, which in the absence of oxygen (in conditions of hypoxia) ferments and turns into lactic acid, and in some cases turns into ethanol, which evaporates easily. (p.54,74,127,162)


Lactic acid is difficult and slow to neutralize by the body's buffer system, as lactate releases hydrogen ions, which bind to bicarbonates in the blood and form carbonic acid (H2CO3), which is partially neutralized by the respiratory chain by converting it to water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). (p.45,54,73,78,132)


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AlchemY of Аpogee [Part II: The Lords of Life ] Chapter 7: The Stomach - our Spiritual Center



Fluid loss can also be caused by various diuretic therapies due to high sodium excretion. (p.51,132)


A common cause of metabolic alkalosis is bicarbonate retention.


Increased alkalinity can also cause increased activity of the enzyme alkaline phosphatase, which inhibits the natural bicarbonate secretion of liver, bile and stomach cells.

This often causes the secretion of peptic acids, the cause of peptic ulcers. (p.54,71,111,119,122,126,171)


Elevated levels of this enzyme usually occur in early childhood and during pregnancy, and in other cases may indicate hepatic and biliary steatosis, disorders of bone metabolism and renal function, tumor and autoimmune processes. (p.41,49,54,79,84,95,102,106,110,190)

Lactic acidosis is also caused by emotional hormones - cortisol and catecholamines: adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine, illness, stress, physical and mental exhaustion. (p.33,61,90)


Ketoacidosis can occur when blood glucose is depleted due to glycolysis, prolonged starvation, malnutrition, or the preferred consumption of fats and proteins at the expense of carbohydrates.


In such cases, the body begins to synthesize the energy it needs through lipolysis - the breakdown of fatty acids in the blood, whose waste products are strongly acidic ketone bodies (acetone), which the kidneys normally neutralize through ammonia in the urine.

The metabolic disorder of ketoacidosis is common in people with diabetes.


Respiratory alkalosis (p.74)

Respiratory acidosis (p.77)

Respiratory alkalosis can be acute or chronic and is caused by: rapid shallow breathing, which depletes the carbon dioxide in the blood due to: fear, stress, hysteria, meningitis, increased coffee intake, aspirin, high altitude, fever, pregnancy, elevated levels of ammonia in the blood, a hearty dinner, etc.

Chronic alkalosis is accompanied by increased oxidative stress and intense absorption of phosphates into cells, decreased levels of calcium in the blood.

This leads to calcification of tissues and bones, impaired thyroid function, kidney damage, atherosclerosis. (p.27,35,39,51,76,77,98,102,112,150,152)

Respiratory acidosis is characterized by increased levels of carbon dioxide in the blood due to insufficient oxygen uptake through the lungs.

This condition is often caused by lung diseases and infections, chronic bronchitis, asthma, acute pneumonia, sedatives and antidepressants.

(p. 33,36,54,74,121,127)


Respiratory acidosis can also occur as a compensatory process for metabolic alkalosis.




Symptoms of chronic alkalosis

Symptoms of chronic acidosis

Despite the potentially serious consequences of chronic alkalosis, the symptoms are more difficult to distinguish than those of acidosis.


The most noticeable signs of chronic alkalosis due to bicarbonate retention are:


• dehydrated, irritated skin, wrinkles,

• cramps and muscle cramps,

• pain in the pelvis and lower back,

• constipation or insufficient bowel movements,

• high blood pressure.


Alkalosis is directly related to diet and habits, and can hardly occur in the body's natural regulatory metabolism, unlike acidosis.



Painful symptoms: headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, joint and bone pain, spikes;

Physical disorders: impaired vision, weight gain, weight loss, muscle weakness, pale and gray skin tone, oily skin and hair, clogged pores, pimples, brittle nails;

Psychosomatic: confusion, fatigue, tremor, insomnia, nausea, constant hunger.

Ethylene glycol or methanol poisoning can also cause metabolic acidosis, with symptoms of shortness of breath and nausea.




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AlchemY of Аpogee [Part II: The Lords of Life ] Chapter 7: The Stomach - our Spiritual Center



Regulation of alkalosis

Regulation of acidosis

• increased water intake - 10 glasses a day

• regulation of breathing - deep and slow abdominal breathing with air retention and slow exhalation (p.186)

• regular bowel movements (p.143,144)

• regulation of the menu with more plant foods, reduced intake of fresh milk, fatty cheeses and meats, without antacids! (str.166-169)

• correction of dietary errors (p.143,165)

• avoid diuretic therapies with sodium chloride, baking soda, coffee, etc.

• avoidance of frequent crying, situations of sudden stress and fear, frequent hysteria;

• Avoiding frequent vomiting and profuse sweating without sufficient intake of fluids rich in electrolytes (water with salt, sugar and / or lemon, rice water) (p.99,115)

• regular light anaerobic exercises (callanetics, underwater gymnastics, muscle stretching, joint movement). (p.186)

• increased intake of pure mineral water and lemon juice - 8 glasses a day; (s.106,166)

• regulation of breathing - deep and slow inhalations without air retention and forced exhalation, with the help of the diaphragm,; (p.1,187)

• avoiding urine retention; (p.15,102)

• adjusting the menu with sufficient intake of alkalizing vegetables, limited intake and if necessary complete exclusion of the consumption of meat and sugars; (s.78,168)

• avoiding the sedentary lifestyle;

• avoid irregular intense physical activity. (p.61)

• avoiding situations with prolonged mental stress; (p.27,35,47,49,148)

• taking measures to reduce antidepressants and painkillers; (p.33,54,126,129)

• regular light aerobic exercise and outdoor walks. (p.182,186)


  The appetites for food, addictions and emotions that feed our ambitions, disappointments, fears, spiritual and material aspirations can lead us into the unwanted cycle of impaired metabolism, and even unlock the destructive energy that causes toxemia in our body. (p. 44,48,55,57-58,93,159)  

Our Stomach, in which these reactions take place primarily, is the first to signal when we are standing infront of the door of “imbalance". (p. 79,82,86,90,125,157,171,175,179)

The gastric flora is extremely sensitive to:

• strong acids and strong bases (p.71-79,127)

rancid fats, forming highly reactive peroxides, but also spicy foods that block bile secretion, (p.61,64-65,111)

negative emotions potentiate completely untimely effusion, stagnation, high acidity or toxicity of bile (p.12,27,33,112)

joy and contentment - activate the receptors for serotonin, which is secreted in the gastrointestinal tract to regulate hunger. When we rejoice, hunger is satisfied! (p.33,34,90,126,158,159)

Renal weakness potentiates dehydration and depletes hydrochloric acid, important for antibiotic protection of the gastric flora, for good digestion, and especially for natural bicarbonate secretion after a meal, maintaining a normal pH balance in the digestive tract and blood. (p.95,125,132)

Poor oral hygiene and disturbed pH balance in the oral cavity - reduces salivary secretion containing the enzyme amylase - important for the digestion of carbohydrates, increases hunger and stimulates the outflow of stomach acid between meals - a prerequisite for peptic ulcer. (p.76,78,112,127,165)

impaired absorption and excretory function of the colon due to impaired secretion of bile and pancreatic juices. (p.51,63,73,76,82,109,122,139,143)


The Stomach, like the Soul, is like the little children - they enjoy everything and readily endure everything. When we systematically import into our stomach foods and elements that are not beneficial to our body, then the bile and pancreas flood the stomach with their dissatisfaction and corrosive acids and bases. In the same way, if in life we ​​are systematically subjected to circumstances, feelings and thoughts that are not favorable for the development of our Soul and systematically arouse destructive emotions, then our stomach gets sick first.

If we overcome the "hunger of the eyes", which constantly feeds the ambitions of the Ego, then the Light will be able to freely penetrate and feed the body and Mind. (p.18,25,42,111,131,174)

If we strive to feed only the hunger for gain, and this pursuit eats away at our stomach, heart and life, we will never be able to see beyond this reality, we will remain locked in the dark labyrinth of the Minotaur (p. 37-38), without understanding ourselves, the world, the essence of matter and the meaning of life. (p.22,26,29,47,51,54,59,88,158-170)


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AlchemY of Аpogee [Part II: The Lords of Life ] Chapter 7: The Stomach - our Spiritual Center


Just as the checkpoints of the meridians are hidden in our palms, where the energies of Fire, Metal and Air flow, controlled by the Heart, Small Intestines, Pericardium, Thyroid, Lungs, and Colon, our feet control our earthly resilience, governed by the elements of Wood, Water and Earth. The palms express our Mental, Heart and Conscious manifestations, and the feet - the manifestations of the Ego, Soul and Spirit. The palm massage stimulates the Virtues, and the foot massage stimulates Health and Realization. (p.13,24,28,48,94,187)

The liver is a receiver and generator of Spiritual energy, the quality essence of which is sent for storage in the Gallbladder, which pours it into the stomach at certain times of the day to feed us. (p.25,104,110,112) Also, the Liver is a reservoir of our blood - the essence of our Soul energy, which is controlled and transformed by the spleen. (p.21,22,91,92,93,94,115,121,123,157)

When we do not feel hungry during the hours set for the secretion of bile juices, it means that our body feels the need to feed on the purifying power of the Cordiality, produced by the interaction of the Soul with the Spiritual energy. (p.25,106,111,158,164) At such moments our liver and bile are purified from the toxins accumulated in the entero-hepatic cycle, enabling our Essence to get rid of the destructiveness of the Ego. (p.17,54,59,68,80,110-111,127,153,163,187)

Our gallbladder secretes its juices at strictly defined times of the day, under the influence of the element Air - a carrier of oxygen and Light for our body. The air fills us with the energy of the Divine Spirit - Love, which takes care of the clean environment, balance and fertility of our Soul - our hidden potential. (p.17,18,94,105,106,111,122,123,147,157,160,174)

The stomach performs digestive activity under the influence of the element Air, necessary for the oxidation of nutrients, for the elimination of pathogens and free radicals that enter and form in the gastrointestinal tract, and for the regulation of the pH of the gastrointestinal contents. (pp.44-46,61,73,90,128,162) Digestion is activated mainly by bile juices, which are poured into the stomach at specific times of the day, under the influence of light, but can also be stimulated by destructive emotions, in this case in the absence of light. (p.25,27,33,34,35,47,94,109,111,112,149,152,159)

Our Stomach is our Spiritual Center, which masters the principles governing material and immaterial law, but which suffers when we become susceptible to heartlessness and cowardice. (p.27,45,49,54,111,112,121,149,175,179,182,184,190)

The gluttony and the constant hunger of the Ego for benefits nourished by the feeling of inferiority, coming from dissatisfaction and laziness, repel the Spirit and lock the power of the Soul, striving for complete realization of the Self.



AlchemY of Health                                                                                                    131

AlchemY of Аpogee [Part II: The Lords of Life ] Chapter 7: The Stomach - our Spiritual Center



The joy of life, the bright and fresh thought, the new ideas carried by the Spirit through the inhaled air, are the main nourishers of the boundless potential of the Yin energy embedded in our Soul. The demanding gourmet, for example, could prepare for us the most delicious, but modest and well-balanced food that will feed the body and the Soul without leaving hunger behind. (p.18,68,93,94,106,111,153,157,163,166,167,186,191)

When the Spiritual power is locked in satisfying material hunger, the Soul remains hungry and misunderstood, and the Ego is eternally willing and dissatisfied. In such conditions we experience an acute spiritual hunger, which prematurely depletes our vital energy stored in the kidneys. (p. 35,94,95,146,150,192) It is impossible for the Spirit to grow without mastering and applying the principles of the material laws that nourish the Spiritual Power striving to realize the desires of the Soul. (p.105,106,111,121,123,159,163,175,177)

On an empty stomach, the free hydrogen molecule (H +), which is necessary for cellular energy exchange (p. 31,44,70,128) can cause a "spiritual explosion" - opening the way to the Heart Sphere. But when the Mind is darkened, hunger prevails and the protons can subject us to the material principles of decay and decomposition through alkaline-acid processes and the Primary gravitational force of matter. (p.15-17,36,57-58,86,71,99,102,144,161,182,193)

The reaction that neutralizes the explosive binding of hydrogen (Fire) with inhaled oxygen (Love) takes place in the Stomach. There, chlorine anions, which open and close cellular sodium pumps, form digestive hydrochloric acid (HCl) and acid-neutralizing water (H2O). Water is carrier of Consciousness and conductor of the perceiving and penetrating Thought Energy, controlled in our bodies by sodium molecules. Our perceptual abilities, good digestion and thinking require harmonious heart activity. The comfort and emotional balance needed for this purpose are maintained by the liver and bile digestive functions, with the help of chlorine anions, which regulate cellular metabolism, natural bicarbonate protection and pH of body fluids. (p. 14,15,21,31,36,45,51,63,68,90,93,94,99,102,104,108,115,128)

The pursuit of spiritual growth does not always leads to the right path, especially if we do not have the driving force of Heartiness. The spiritual practices of self-isolation and intentional starvation when there is a lack of joy and the "Salt of Life", can subject the body to destructive acid-forming processes due to diseased ambitions, passions, emotions, feelings, thoughts and understandings. This is the reason why we stay hungry, even after eating well. The fact is, however, that only the bodily hunger is able to overcome unbridled and unhealthy spiritual, mental and material hunger. (p.17,32,35,36,47,98,106,112,116,128,150,159,160)

It is clear that the Spirit materializes the Aspirations of the Soul, only in the comfort of the Hearitiness and thanks to the condensing properties of Air and Water, caused by alkaline-acid reactions that take place on a physical level in the Stomach, under the influence of the element of Fire. The oxygen molecule that carries Love stimulates Spiritual energy. The hydrogen molecule - a symbol of Fire, potentiates the Power of the Soul. The chlorine molecule is a conductor of the Heart Force. The carbon molecule is a material of spent energy. Salt (NaCl) is the physical expression of Love. Sodium is a conductor of Mental Power - with the Mind we perceive Love, and in the Heart it lives. Hydrochloric acid, which is the main component of gastric juice and is highly corrosive, creates the necessary purity for the environment in which Love can grow. (p.17,18,45,51,60,71,73,74,94,117,127,158,159)


It is not by accident when we say: "Love passes through the Stomach!" (p.93,94,158,191)


We live only from a thirst for Life - this eternally giving Love.


AlchemY of Health                                                                                                    132

AlchemY of Аpogee [Part II: The Lords of Life ] Chapter 7: The Stomach - our Spiritual Center


We often strive to acquire Love by humiliating it and turning it into: drying suffering (p. 151,171), omnivorous hatred (p. 152, 173), the Ego-nourishing envy and jealousy (p. 111,114,150), arousing appetites and ambitions, hypocrisy and cunning (p.149,175). Increasingly destructive manifestations of primary love stuck in the stomach, taking the breath away and tightening the chest, which trigger the mechanisms of destructive energy in our bodies and in our lives, in the name of the Universal Equilibrium. The conditions of alkalosis and acidosis are nothing else but the result of a lack of oxygen caused by a lack of Love in the heart, mind and soul. (p. 162) We misunderstand Love, and like a full stomach we stifle it with our infinite desires, whims and discontent. Life, like Love, is nothing else but absolute freedom of good will and complete restriction of unhealthy manifestations. (p.27,29-31,33,57-58,111,148,171,173,184,189,192)

The joys and sorrows that come into our lives are the result of our attitude towards Love. We cannot force Love to serve us. (p.13,15,36,99,106,117,146,171,179) If our Heartiness is weak, our Spiritual Power, our Soul and Mental Beings, will remain to serve only the primacy of the Ego. (p.18,29,36,38,114,147,182,191,195)

When we define things as good or bad and adjudge them without trying them, we lose the opportunity to extract the best and most valuable in them. Just as we cannot know for sure which food is good for us without first studying its qualities, without trying its aroma and taste, without grinding and assimilating its substances, without it passing through our Stomach. Our satisfaction and satiety depend entirely on our motivation to live. Often in the moments when we are satisfied and full, hunger returns along with the dissatisfaction and laziness to do what we really want and need. If our Heart energy is strong, (p. 42) we will always have the appetite to taste the food that life offers us, to study it, to make and apply the methods for its sifting and assimilation. When we learn to be full and satisfied with the slightest joy and to give the best of ourselves every moment, then we will be able to fully exchange, extract and feed on the useful substances of Life, invested in love, light, joy, wisdom and truth.


Our Soul is a Divine desire - a drop of Divine Love, sent to the World to explore it, to love it and ennoble it. If we keep our Soul pure and blameless from ambition, and follow the order of the supreme law, in which the Ego, Mind and Heart serve the holiness of the Soul, and she - the Love, then we will always be the "Temple of the Creative Spirit" - the source of unlimited possibilities and benefits. (str.6,19,106,117,130)


It is our soul that wants us to grow beautiful, healthy, powerful, but only the strong Spirit, the bright Mind and the healthy Stomach can make us so, only if we overcome the hunger of the Ego and heartbreaking emotions. Life teaches us how to work with Love to build this healthy relationship with God. (p.153)



Love is the hand with which the Life Energy creates Life in its most wonderful forms. With this hand, the Infinite Potential nourishes and fairly distributes the goods necessary for the harmonious flow of Life. Love creates the material conditions in which the creative Spirit descends to realize the dreams of our Soul. (p.18,106,111,123,153,173,184)

On a physical level, in our body, these conditions are prepared by our extremely sensitive Stomach (guardian of our Soul), generating and transforming the energies of Earth (yang) and Air (yin), under the astrological control of the zodiac sign Libra. The astrological task of Libra is to maintain the harmonious distribution of intangible values ​​in material goods, taking care of the harmonious balance of the Whole. (p.13,90,93,94,157,179)

The spear of destiny

Intuition can nail or free the Soul from the shackles of the Primordial, (pp. 15,17,36,37-38,102,111,114,137,146,152,192) depending on our ability to feel and impartially judge and encourage our personal participation in the harmonious flow of Love. (p.17,37,42,68,92,93,106,116-117,157,170,173,175,179,191,195)


AlchemY of Health                                                                                                    133

AlchemY of Аpogee [Part II: The Lords of Life ] Chapter 7: The Stomach - our Spiritual Center

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