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is given to us as a system for control and prevention of over 100 diseases, for complete body and mind rejuvenation and development of the prescious skills of the Seven Powers of Life. With best wishes for good health, nice time and exciting moments with the BOOK.

Mission and dedication of this book

Health is the natural state of harmony between the human mind, will and heart. "Good is a condition for health. Without good, one cannot be healthy. ”, Peter Deunov. "ALCHEMY OF HEALTH" is dedicated to active persons striving for well-being and success. For creative people looking to discover their hidden talents. For doctors and their patients seeking the path to healing. For people striving to achieve a healthy balance.

Part II Chapter 3: The zodiac sign Pisces and the energy manifestations of the Liver

 page 107


Table 26: Energy Elements and Energetic manifestations of the Liver

Ruling Zodiac Sign:  PISCES / Ruling Planet: Neptune, Moon

Soul Desire: Spiritual Power / Zodiac Principle: Servicing

Flowing Life Energy: (p.21)

The source of Yang- and the reservoir of Yin-energy

Element: (p.21,57-58,94)

Budding tree / Clear water

Season / month: (р.21,93)

Spring / March

Color: (р.21,57-58,94)

Blue-green, Green / Purple / Red to Orange

Natural force, climate: (p.21)

Wind / Sea waves

Energy meridian: (p.24)

Meridian of Yin Energy of the Liver

Mental manifestation/Soul desire: (p.13,192)

Manifestation of Spiritual Power: (p.184) Diligence, Will, Generosity, Manifestation, Growth, Heartiness

Governing Spiritual Power / Expression:(p.157)

Heart Power: (p.171) Sustainability, Harmonization, Justice, Service, Courage

Physical expression: (p.13-15,57-58,94)

Detoxification, Metabolism, Digestion, Blood

Sense: (p.21)

Comfort / discomfort; Seeing / understanding

Nourishing Yin Organ: (p. 20,94)

Kidney (p.95)

Controlling Yang Organ: (p.20,21,48,93)

Gallbladder (p.108) / Dickdarm (p.139)

Depemding organ system: (p. 20,48)

Heart – Small Intestine (p.114) / Spleen - Stomach (p.121,125)

Governing organ: (p. 93)

Liver (стр.104)

Sensory organs: (p.21,186,196)

Eyes / Watching

Body tissues, related organs: (p.21,48))

Tendons, muscles, nails

Destructive character:(p.21, 27,33,57,152,192)

Emotionality, pride, impatience, haste, anger, weak character, bias.

Ruling planet /Stone of the Governing
Spiritual Power
Center: (p. 13,51,93,157,170)

Neptune, Moon
Jadeit NaAlSi2O6 ; Na(Al,Fe3+)Si2O6  - Cordial Power (p.99,106,117) / Umbilical chakra, Liver, Gallbladder

Zodiac sign: (p. 21,57-58,93,94,191)


Day of the week: (p.170)

Monday (p.171)

Time of the days (p.25)

7, 9

Key numbers: (p. 13,189,190,194,196,197)


Toning hand finger: (p.28)
Stimulating hand finger:

Middle finger - Stimulates detoxification and justice
ing finger - Balances emotions, for goodwill

Regulating foot meridian: (p.131)

Liver meridian – stimuilates Heart energy and strength
Bladder meridian - to strengthen the Will

Governing element: (p.20,21,24,48,93,94, 145)

Earth (p..20,40,99,117,121-123,133)

Activating element: (p.20,48, 57,59,94)

Air /Light (p. 94,98-99, 102,105,111, 118,131-133,137 143)

Balancing element: (p.57,59,94,190,191)

Fire / Warmth (p. 111,117,143)

Nourishing element: (p.20,48, 57,59,94)

Water (p.95, 102 ,106, 119, 137 )

Destructive/constructive element: (p.20,93)

Metal (p.51,63,92,111,114,136-137,143)

Beneficial activity: (p.42,47,69,186-188)

Mode: eating - work - creative rest,sport - sleep

Strengthening foods: (p.51,59,63,143,158,168,170)

Foods that strengthen Consciousness and Intuitive Energy:
Sour foods, lemons, greens, olive oil

Harmful foods: (p.59,76-79,127,144,149,152,165)

Alcohol, spicy, salty and fatty foods, opiates

Taste / Sound / Light: (p.21,36,191,196)

Sour / Do-Re / Green, Yellow and Blue Light (p.171,175,177,184)

Nourishing herbs / aromas: (p.23,59)

Chicory, Mint, Dandelion -flower &leaves, Chamomile, Lavender

Semi- and precious stones with a beneficial effect on the body organ, the energy meridian, the related mental manifestations and the powers of the Zodiac sign / Metal (p.51,63,157)

Aquamarine Be3Al2Si6O18 (Fe2+)
SiO2+(Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Li, Na) 
Rose quartz
(Ti,Mn,Fe2+) SiO4   Moonstone (Na,K)AlSi3O8  / Silver 47Ag

Risk diseases: (p.190)

Legs, lymph, poisoning, colds, toxicity

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